Julie Bradley

Dr. Michael Mijares is by far the most extraordinary doctor I have ever met! And that’s saying a lot because with all the family members I have cared for, I’ve met many doctors. He is extremely dedicated to his craft. He is an orthopedic surgeon who also performs total reverse shoulder replacements, which is a highly specialized surgery. He recently did this operation on my 79-year-old mother with a great result. She is finally pain-free! Dr. Mijares uses a surgical planning protocol called signature one, where my mom’s scans were turned into 3D models, thereby allowing the doctor to extensively pre-plan the operation with amazing precision. My mom’s case was quite complicated in that she had bone loss in her shoulder joint, so the prosthetic used had to be highly specific to her needs and replace pieces of bone that had been lost. After the surgery Dr. Mijares even gives his patients his own cell phone number and encourages you to call with any questions or concerns. He is genuinely invested in seeing his patients have the very best outcome. He walked with us every step of the way and celebrated each milestone victory towards my mom’s complete recovery- lots of great encouragement! Our family just can’t say enough about this incredible doctor, his expertise, and excessively rare, wonderful bedside manner. We highly recommend Dr. Michael Mijares, he is simply the best! Many thanks to him and his outstanding team.