I’m composing this on December 16, 2023. On August 4, 2023, I experienced a work-related injury that resulted in breaking my femur. I was implanted with a titanium rod, skillfully placed by Dr. Michale Mijares. He received a last-minute call to perform the surgery, and since then, he and his staff have taken excellent care of me. All three of my follow-up appointments were a breeze, thanks to his great staff (shout out to the radiologists!). My first appointment with him on August 17, 2023, I was able to walk with assistance from my walker, fiancé, and mom—covering about 13 steps before needing a wheelchair. At my final appointment on December 12, 2023, I was able to drive myself and walk to his office. In a relatively short time, I reached a level of maximum medical improvement. Thank you and your team very much!!! I would absolutely recommend to anyone 10/10. Jason.